0001.Japanese Style Painting(Gyokudou Kawai)

I went to Yamatane art museum yesterday .

Yamatane art museum is famous Japan-style-painting museum.

This museum have many pictures of Japan painters like Yokoyama,Hayamizu and Kawai ect.

In this museum I watched pictures of Gyokudou Kawai among three hours.

Gyokudou pictures is  classified with three era.

When he was young, he drew the sansui pictures by sharp line.

When he was about 50 years old, he changed  how to draw and increased object.

He draw the sansui pictures by soft line and the object that he drew is increased to peasant.

When he was about 65 years old ,he could draw the picture cloaked in mist very well.

I like Saotome picture depicting female peasants in paddy field.

Kawai Gyokudou (ė‡ ‹Ę“°, November 24, 1873 - June 30, 1957) was the pseudonym 
of a Japanese painter in the nihonga school, active from Meiji through Shouwa period Japan. 
His real name was Kawai Yoshisaburou.

Gyokudou was born in what is now Ichinomiya city, Aichi Prefecture, as the eldest son of a paper,ink and brush merchant. 
He went to Kyoto in 1887 to study under Kouno Bairei of the Maruyama-Shijo school of painting. 

In 1896, he moved to Tokyo and he became the student of Hashimoto Gahou, of the Kanou school. 
He also studied Western-style painting and developed a highly personal style, especially in the field of landscape painting.
Gyokudou is noted for his polychrome and occasionally monochrome works depicting the mountains 
and rivers of Japan in the four seasons, with humans and animals shown as part of the natural landscape. 
Among his representative works are Futsuka zuki (gThe New Moonh), Yuku haru (gThe Departing Springh), 
Mine-no-yu (gEvening at the Mountain Toph), and Bosetsu (gSnow in the Eveningh).



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